Ride 8 – KungFuTea

Date:  Sunday 19 November 2017
Destination:  KungFuTea in Reston, VA
Mileage:  4 miles
Posted by:  Dan

This afternoon, we went for the final ride of this year’s coffeeneuring season to a place that I had never been.  It was a place called KungFuTea in Reston.  My oldest daughter Anna, who is a sophomore at NOVA, says that the awkward kids in her communications class, who seem to have had a little too much caffeine, go there.

The weather during the ride out and back was NOT optimal.  It was in the forties with stiff winds gusting up to 50 mph from the northwest according to the weather woman on WTOP.    It was not a bad as it sounds, but there were lots of limbs down in our yard and our neighbor Matt, who lives a few doors down, had a whole tree come down across his driveway this morning.

At KungFuTea, Anna got a Strawberry Lemon Green Tea with Tapioca Pearls.  Sarah got a KungFu Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls.  Becca ordered Oreo Milk Tea and I got a Honey Green Tea.  By default, all of the drinks were chilled.  But, I think you can order hot versions of some beverages.  Apparently, you can choose to have things like “bubbles” and/or jam added, but with the exception of the Tapioca and Oreo “Mix-Ins”, we deferred.  I’m not sure if the Tapioca Pearls are the “bubbles” or if the “bubbles” are CO2?  I will have to do more research on that….

If you have never had Tapioca Pearls like me, it is a unique experience.  They are basically black balls (about a quarter of an inch in diameter) that fall to the bottom of the sugary and in some cases milky or colored iced tea.  If coffee beans were round and black, that is what they look like.  The special straw they give you is big enough to allow you to suck them up your straw.  When you bite into one, these balls kind of have the texture of a gummy bear and don’t have much of a taste.  If you have never had this type of beverage, I think you should at least try it once just to say that you have done it although I am not sure the quality of your life will go up that much.

Rebecca was not super happy with her drink and after taste testing everyone else’s drink, she decided she liked Anna’s Strawberry Lemon Green Tea with Tapioca best.  Anna agreed to a swap, which was incredibly nice of her.  I give Anna kudos for swapping, which made the situation much better and her younger sister happier.  I’m thinking there is a special place in heaven for people like Anna.

The atmosphere at KungFuTea was great.  After the cold and windy ride, it was warm inside and the lady at the counter was patient with me as I tried to figure out what exactly to order.  There was either K-Pop or J-Pop playing in the background.  I couldn’t tell which one because I don’t speak or understand either Korean or Japanese.  The volume of the music was just right in my opinion.   They also had games that you could play if you wanted.   I decided to play a round of Jenga.  Not everyone was interested at first, but everyone ultimately got into it.   I won’t say who caused the tower of rectangular wooden blocks to fall, but it was definately not me.

On the ride back, about a half a mile from home, Rebecca (my youngest child, who’s 9 years old) says without prompting “Bikes are magical.”  I say “What makes you say that?” And she says “Because I’m happy!”  And that makes me happy.   : )





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