Ride 7- KSB New York Deli

Date:  Friday 17 November 2017
Destination:  KSB New York Deli in Herndon
Mileage:  3 miles
To Posted by:  Sarah

On Friday the 17th of November, my sisters and I went for the second to last coffeenering ride of the season. It was a cold windy day so, we decided to bike up to the local New York Deli to get warm delicious bagels. On our way, we took a trail so Rebecca wouldn’t be on the road as long.  On the trail, we had to carry our bikes down a set of stairs which went surprisingly well. We made it to the Deli safely. It was nice and warm in the cafe. We ordered bagels; Anna and Rebecca got garlic with butter, and I got Asiago with butter. To drink, Anna and I got strawberry milk, and Rebecca got apple juice. We sat in a booth by the window; after we finished we biked home. When we got to the downhills in our neighborhood, I began to do the Macarena while riding my bike, which made Rebecca bust up laughing.  I even tried to ride like Chris Froome down the hill after Anna dared me to. On the last hill, Rebecca decided to sing her favorite Moanna song at the top of her lungs which made everyone laugh. It was a fun ride with good food, and great company.





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