Ride 6- Duncan Donuts in Reston

Date:  Sunday 12 November 2017
Destination:  Duncan Donuts in Reston
Mileage:  4.5 miles
Posted by:  Dan

This afternoon, Rebecca, Sarah, Anna and I rode to Duncan Donuts.  Everyone but Anna got a Boston Creme Donut–Anna got a Vanilla Iced Donut.  With our donuts, we each had different drinks.  Becca had apple juice.  Sarah had chocolate milk.  Anna got chai tea.  And I had a coffee.

The quote of the day is from Anna who, as we were leaving the coffee shop, said: “If they had Thanksgiving Songs, I think I would probably sing them!”  Ha.    : )

With a cloudy sky and temperatures in the forties, the weather was not the best, but it could have been much much worse.    The fall colors are still here, but a lot of the leaves are off the trees and down on the ground.

With six rides down, I have one more to go to complete the challenge.   Stay tuned to see where we end up going next week…



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