Ride 5 – Cafein in Chantilly

Date:  Friday 10 November 2017
Destination:  Cafein in Chantilly, VA
Mileage:  15 total miles
Posted by:  Dan.

Today’s outing was a solo ride with a few stops.   I kind of had the day off and the girls had other plans.  So, I was all by myself.  First, I stopped at work to complete a couple of actions, then I went to the coffee shop before stopping at a nearby Asian Supermarket for the first time ever.

After a little work, I pedaled to the coffee shop where I had a latte and a pecan bar.  The combination was not cheap–it was about $8.50 including a $1 tip.  I will say though that both the latte and the pecan bar were excellent.  I hung out for a while and enjoyed the time to myself with my afternoon treat while people watching and checking my twitter feed.

I got the idea for visiting the Asian Market from a friend at work who said that they had good produce for a good price. As I try to live a healthier lifestyle, I got a lot of purple stuff–purple cabbage, purple onion and believe or not, purple sweet potatoes.  I also got some ginger root, turmeric root, and bananas.   I think I got a really good deal as everything all together was only $6.48.  I will probably go back, especially since the local farmer’s market is closing for the season at the end of November.

The only issue with today’s ride was the weather.   According to the thermometer on my bike, it was in the low forties and high thirties during my ride.  I also experienced some pretty strong winds at times.  I am sure there were gusts well above 20mph.  Having said that, I am glad that it wasn’t raining!

Good luck to my LSU Tigers who play Arkansas tomorrow at around noon in Death Valley on ESPN.  Geaux Tigers!



The Coffee Shop



Suburban Traffic Jam




These are the items that I bought from the Asian Supermarket.  A couple of the sweet potatoes are missing because we ate them for dinner before I thought to take a picture.  I also should have taken a picture of the purple sweet potato after it was cooked since it was pretty neat looking inside.   Maybe later…


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