Ride 3 – Hunter’s Woods Safeway in Reston

Date:  Tuesday 31 October 2017 (Halloween)
Destination:  Starbucks at Fox Mill Shopping Center in Herndon.
Mileage:  3 miles round trip
Posted by:  Dan.

Today’s destination was the Safeway in the Reston Hunter’s Woods Shopping Center.   I got a Yellow Lemon-Lime Flavored Power Aid.  Did you know that it contains four ions–sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium?  (Should ions be capitalized?)  A 32-oz bottle has 320 calories.  Anna got hot Chai Tea.   Sarah got Sweet Iced Tea.  And Rebbecca enjoyed a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino.   Her tall 12-oz size drink with whip cream had 270 calories.   I think she enjoyed hers more than I did mine.    Everybody got a free tootsie roll given out by Safeway since it was Halloween.   According to Google, a Tootsie Roll has 28 calories.

I do think it is important to point out that I did “ride hurt” this afternoon.   I sprang my ankle pretty badly a few days back while I was out for a jog.  It happened at dusk as a car approached.  When I tried to get as close the edge of the road as possible to avoid the car, my ankle gave way and I went down to the ground after my foot landed on the uneven boundary obscured by leaves between the road and the ditch.  I will leave out the picture of my ankle (because you can’t unsee it), but it is still pretty swollen and bruised.  On a scale of 1-10, the pain was around a 2 or 3 during the ride.  I wore an ace bandage and tried to pedal faster than normal in a lower-than-normal gear to reduce the strain on my ankle.

Although it was a little crisp outside, it was a beautiful day for a ride.   Because the temperature was in the fifties, it was a little cold when sitting at the picnic tables in the shade cast by the supermarket.   So, we decided to move to a more sunny and warm location at a bench along a walking path at the shopping plaza to enjoy our beverages of choice.

When we got home from the ride, my wife immediately told me about the terrorist who a just used a truck he rented from Home Depot to attack cyclists riding in a New York City bike lane.  The ISIL-inspired terrorist killed eight and injured 12 real people like me and you.  I am sure these victims have full lives with people who they love and who love them very much just like me and you.  I am sure that each of the individuals did absolutely nothing to the idiot who attacked them.  This breaks my heart.  I pray for God to be with and comfort the victims as well as the families and friends of those attacked.  I also pray that the thinking and feelings that led to these attacks are somehow corrected and that we ultimately find a way to end these horrible attacks…  In Christ’s name….  Amen.




Ride 2- Chipotle, Pot Belly & Chick-fil-A

Date:  Saturday 21 October 2017
Destination:  Chipotle, Pot Belly & Chick-fil-A in Reston.
Mileage:  9 miles round trip
Posted by:  Dan.

With the temperature in the low 70’s, it was a perfect day for a ride.

This was a coffeeneuring ride/meet-up for lunch.  Anna, Sarah, Rebecca and I rode our bikes to a complex near the YMCA in Reston where there are several restaurants to have lunch with their mom/my wife, who is not really that into biking (to put it politely).

Becca selected nuggets with waffle fries and lemonade from Chick-fil-A.  Jennifer and Anna split a big Potbelly sandwich with Zapp’s Pot Belly Hot Pepper flavored potato chips.  Sarah and I halved a steak burrito bowl with corn tortilla chips and pico de gallo from Chipotle.  Jennifer refused to eat at Chipotle because she was afraid of getting sick from food poisoning.  In case you are wondering, both Sarah and I enjoyed our meal and neither of us got sick.  Jennifer says that their new queso sauce looks good, but she can make it at home without ecoli!  Ha!

I have to confess that I don’t think anyone actually had coffee.  But, I think this ride still counts since we adhered to the spirit of coffeeneuring rule?  I will defer the judges on that one.  Either way, we had a good outing.

Now is probably a good time to give our friend Paul a shout out for coming up with and following through on the idea of swapping kid bikes.  We gave up a cheap K-Mart bike that was getting too small for Becca for a much better blue Giant bike that was just the right size for her.  I do think it was a win-win deal because we both got something that would meet our needs for something we were no longer using.   And we will probably give him back the Giant bike for his youngest daughter (who is named Ellenor) once Becca outgrows it and Ellenor is ready for it.


Ride 1 – 7-Eleven

Date:  Sunday 15 October 2017 
Starting Point:
Destination:  7-Eleven on Soapstone in Reston.
Mileage:  3 miles round trip
Posted by:  Dan.

My three daughters and I biked to 7-Eleven after my 9-year-old daughter’s soccer game at a soccer field near my house.   Becca and Anna got Slurpees.  Sarah and I got iced coffees.   We enjoyed our drinks outside while talking and then rode home.   I’m thinking it would be great if they some tables outside like some of the other shops in the area.

The saddest part of the ride was when Rebecca dropped her Slurpee.  There were a few tears.  But, that was fixed by going inside and quickly buying another one.

Overall, it was a good ride… even if the pictures don’t all show smiling faces.