Ride 6 – Scavenger Hunt Rescue

Date:   Saturday 25 March 2017 (Still Anna’s Birthday!) 
Starting Point:
  Home in Reston
Destination:  Duncan Donuts at the Hunters Woods Shopping Center in Reston
Mileage:  4 miles total
Posted by:  Dan

The goal of this ride was to help five teenagers who kind of got lost on bikes in our neighborhood after dark during the Scavenger Hunt.

The “lost” teens were Emma, Nick, Dorothy, Abby and Ariel.  It is only fair to point out that they don’t live in our neighborhood and there are really no street lights in our part of South Reston.

Riding Conditions?
It was warm…  but pretty much dark when I left a little before 8 pm.  It was pitch black by the time we all got home around 8:30.   My headlight helped a lot.

How did it turn out?
We all made it back A-OK.   Everyone was laughing about it when we got home.  I think they will have a funny story to tell.  Having said that, this team did NOT win the contest as they checked-off only about a third of the items on the list.

What did I learn?
It is possible for a group of teenagers to still get lost even with GPS on their phone and a map in their hand.

Am I worried about embarrassing the kids?   
Nope.  Why?  Because no one reads this blog.  No.  Seriously.  No one reads this blog.   WordPress has the stats to prove it.   🙂

Total Miles (so far):  58
Total Errands Completed:  9
Errand breakdown (by Category):
>Personal Care: 0
>Personal Business: 0
>You carried WHAT on your bike (or back)?!: 2
>Arts and Entertainment: 0
>Non-Store Errand: 0
>Social Call: 1
>Work or Volunteering, School: 2
>Store:  2
>Wild Card: 2 (Scavenger Hunt Set Up and Rescue)


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