Ride 5 – Scavenger Hunt Setup

Date:   Saturday 25 March 2017 (Anna’s 18th Birthday!)
Destination:  Just around the neighborhood.
Mileage:  3 miles total
Posted by:  Dan.

Hiding baseball cards throughout the neighborhood for Anna’s Scavenger Hunt Birthday party.

It was me and my youngest daughter Becca.  It is always fun with Becca.

Riding Conditions?
It was nice…   partly sunny and in the seventies.  It was a great day for March in Northern VA.

How did it turn out?
We successfully hid six different baseball cards.  We hid one in the dugout of our neighborhood baseball field, two under a bike path bridge and three within two different playgrounds.  I think this ride goes in the “wildcard” category and brings my total number of errands completed up to 8!

What did I learn?
There are many places to hide things in plain sight within my neighborhood.

Total Miles (so far):  54
Total Errands Completed:  8
Errand breakdown (by Category):
>Personal Care: 0
>Personal Business: 0
>You carried WHAT on your bike (or back)?!: 2
>Arts and Entertainment: 0
>Non-Store Errand: 0
>Social Call: 1
>Work or Volunteering, School: 2
>Store:  2
>Wild Card: 1 (scavenger hunt set up)




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