Ride 2: 7-Eleven

Date:   Tuesday 21 March 2017 
Starting Point:
Destination:  The 7-Eleven on Soapstone
Mileage:  3 miles total
Posted by:  Dan.

The goal of this ride was to take my 9-year-old daughter Rebecca to the 7-Eleven to buy some Utz Salt and Vinegar Chips as a birthday present for my oldest daughter Anna, who turns 18 on Saturday.

Riding Conditions?
It was still overcast and in the high 50’s.   To get there, we had to go up and over a couple of steep hills.   But it was not too bad as I was able to spend 30 minutes with Rebecca on a bike.

As we were heading back and going up a pretty large hill she said “it’s easier going down.”

What did I learn?
The 7-Eleven is only 1.25 miles away from home by bike.

How did it turn out?
We had a good ride.  I think this ride checks off two errands:  “going to the store” and “you carried what?!”.  I put the chips in one of my panniers and they made it back home fine.

Total Miles (so far):  26
Total Errands Completed:  3
Errand breakdown (by Category):
>Personal Care: 0
>Personal Business: 0
>You carried WHAT on your bike (or back)?!: 1
>Arts and Entertainment: 0
>Non-Store Errand: 0
>Social Call: 0
>Work or Volunteering, School: 1
>Store:  1
>Wild Card: 0



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