Ride 1: Commuting to Work…

Date:   Tuesday 21 March 2017 
Starting Point:
Destination:  Tyson’s Corner for Work
Mileage:  23 miles total
Posted by:  Dan.

The Bike?
My everyday bike is a Surly Long Haul Trucker. It is a touring bike with a steel frame.  It’s blue. It has 27 gears.  It is about 4 years old with about 9000 miles on it.  Even though I have worn out and had to change the back rim, three chains, the front sprocket, three sets of brake pads and three rear cassettes, it’s a beast.

To carry my stuff, I have a Topeak Trunk Bag.  It has a bottle holder, an expandable top and two side panels with expandable panniers for even more storage space.  It has enough space for me to carry my first aid kit as well as my clothes and lunch for the day.

I also have a small cheap handlebar bag to carry my bike lock, bike tools and an extra tube.

For lighting, I have been using a rechargeable 700-lumen headlamp and 50-lumen rear light from Cyglolight.  Both are plenty bright and have been reliable.  I think you could get easily get by with a 400-lumen headlamp.  I have had no issues with them for the past three or four years.

For keeping track of my speed and distance, I have been using the Planet Bike Protege 9.0  Wired Bike Computer.  It is not perfect, but it works pretty well.  I like that it tells me how hot or cold it is when I am riding.  If you get one, my only advice is to record your total mileage somewhere else regularly if you care about it, because I have lost it a few times due to the battery running down and due to the thing randomly locking up and freaking out.

Riding Conditions?
For the ride in, it was overcast and in the mid 40’s.  Going home, it was still overcast in the high 50’s with a bit of a head wind.   That is not too bad for March.

What did I learn?
There is no more snow left on the trail after the snowstorm we had last week.

Total Miles:  23
>>Total Errands Completed:  1
Errand breakdown (by Category):
>Personal Care: 0
>Personal Business: 0
>You carried WHAT on your bike (or back)?!: 0
>Arts and Entertainment: 0
>Non-Store Errand: 0
>Social Call: 0
>Work or Volunteering, School : 1
>Store:  0
>Wild Card: 0



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